Interview CEO IT Service Provide Company AIS

Interview CEO IT Service Provide Company.

Chief Information Officer (CIO) Profile
Mrs. Apantee is the Database Administration Manager who takes charge for all AIS database system. She has a various role on the data, Data collection and storage, data development and system testing. As her past experience already in
database field system for many years. With the big amount of data that her take responsible that attractive the researcher to interview.

CIO Vision with Information Technology (IT)
AIS has a strategic vision in place is how to improve the service network in line with the global trend which they will grow the data service and mobile internet usage are the key drivers being pushed by more affordable and rich feature
smartphones, increased social-networking and a variety of content and applications. They also find the new technology both competitive and other country to serve the business segment.

AIS keep the strengthen leadership in the market by continuing to deliver Quality DNAs (device, network, application, and service). Leading with their network quality, they will deploy marketing campaigns to attract subscribers to enjoy
improved 3G services on the 2.1GHz spectrum. Through their strong nationwide distribution channels, they will push more affordable 3G devices. Furthermore, the current project as a value-added service to its customers, AIS cooperated with Skytrain operator Bangkok Mass Transit System and Bangkok Smartcard System Co, the developer of the Rabbit electronic money system, to offer mPAY Rabbit by attaching a Rabbit card to an AIS 3G-2.1GHz SIM card because customers using mobile devices compatible with near-field communications and equipped with the special SIM card can pay tolls for the Skytrain and other mass-transit systems as well as make purchases from participating stores. MPAY Rabbit will be available for interested customers before its full launch next quarter. Therefore it makes AIS make
decisions continue to launch this project and find the new technology system to support and improve.

AIS have used Technology system to make a decision with their organization both purchasing and leasing the new efficiency product which they divided each department in role such as planning, solution and operation. They use the effective new technology such as Social Media, Mobile application to use with the organization. They sometime send the new staff to going abroad on a tour of survey the new technology to improve their service and network.

Future Trends
As the nature of IT is going rapid. The supreme Technology that is used in AIS will be outdated in the short time. The essential mission of CIO is updating new technology, opening the mind to learned mistakes and acquiring the overstep
technology. The long term experience in IT field leads to appropriately developing the new technology system to fulfill customer’s needs. That new technology needs to respond the overstep demand of customer; consumer, corporate and investor. As AIS’s Principle, customer’s demand is directs us in developing the new technology. Besides AIS is provides the unexpected technology services to varied customer.

CIO AIS vision is committed to investing in technology to support and enhance core business network missions of service through the effective management and use of information technology resources as below figure can see the mobile technology roadmap that they launch the current network and trend to be the largest and widest network convergence in Thailand

Finally, the IT department of each organization should enhance Information Technology capabilities both develop the current and create the new technology, because the technology can improve productivity and performance in the business.

Vision and Company Core Value
We are committed to be the leading company with forefront technology, growth and sustainability by always professionally provide high value products and services to our customers and by being one step ahead of the competitors and changing trends.
Company Core Value
- Ethic
- Innovative
- Growth
- High Performance
- Teamwork

CEO Management

  1. Constantly adapting by expanding company business to other business all the time
  2. Look for new opportunities to growth further
  3. Give freedom to employee to work
  4. Use 4M principles comprising with 1. Money, 2. Machine 3. Man 4. Management. Added another M which is Management because each company need a good management system.
  5. Deployment of Knowledge management
  6. Hire extraordinary people who want to help build up the growth to join company professional team.
  7. Created oversea training program to encourage staff to become more competent in what they do and increase their knowledge and expose their ideas effectiveness to individual and organization.
  8. Change company competitor to become business partner

The role of IT in Organization

  1. Implemented Business Intelligence System for analyzing the sale report, use this information to make a decision and competitive advantage further.
  2. Employed Customer Relationship Management system (CRM) to learn about customer through transactional data or activities, identify the most valuable for customer and then develop retention strategies to attract and retain customer.
  3. Implemented CCTV system to help control easily in operation process, increase in more security in company’s asset and staff’s belonging
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