Interview CEO IT Service Provide Company TRUE Corporation CIO

TRUE Corporation
CIO Background
Name: Mr. Tanapon Chandavasu
Bachelor Degree in Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Stevens Institute of Technology
Master Degree in Computer Science Graduate Program at Stevens Institute of Technology

Work Experience:
1991-1994 Senior Engineering at Telecom Asia Co., Ltd & Line Technology Co., Ltd
1994-2001 Head of Network and Operation Department at Loxley Information Service Co., Ltd.
2001 – 2004 Assistant of board of Netone Network Solution Co., Ltd
2004 – Current Deputy Director, Head of Network Operation at True Internet Co., Ltd

CIO Leadership and Management Style

  1. Set the plan from overview Not consideration on some part because each system will link together and support each other
  2. Invest in new technology, consider about the continuous improvement in order to update the system for support in new job function which was changed follow as the market requirement
  3. Ability of human resources, recruit the staff who has knowledge of system and they have to develop and used the existing resources for maximum benefit. Not only recruit the high ability of manpower, but the company should also encourage their employee to develop their skill and knowledge for pace with changes in technology
  4. IT Risk Management, design the process to be able to redundant every process in case there is a damage that could happen from many reason.
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