Managing Director and Founder
Name: Mr. Pawoot Pongvitayapanu

Master Degree in Internet & E-Commerce at ABAC University
Master Degree in Executive MBA from SASIN Business school with Kellogg School of Management USA

Work Experience:

  • Thailand’s E-Commerce pioneer since 1999
  • Business consultant for many big company, institute and government. Some of clients, Beer Chang, Diagio Mone (Thailand), Department of Business Development, Ministry of Commerce, National Electronics and Computer Technology Center (NECTEC), Electronic Transactions Development Agency(ETDA), True Vision

CIO Leadership and Management Style
1. Having the best culture of working
a) Fun, work with fun and happy
b) Commitment, faithfulness and on time
c) Innoficiency, creative new ideas(innovation) and Efficiency together
d) Speed, working speed
e) Keep Improving, continuous improvement

2. Having 5 concept of success
a) Get things done, try to get whatever we have planned / aimed for finish
b) Complete Professionalism, work with a professional conscience
c) Hypothesis -> Execute -> Verify -> Incorporate, think and analyze what we are doing.
d) Customer Satisfaction Maximization, provide maximum customer satisfaction that customer can touch and tangible recognition
e) Speed Speed Speed, accomplish within one month while other companies make within one year.

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