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CIO Background
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Beginning of development IT system with an organization
In the past, the role of IT systems in the organization was not much. It is computing machinery in communication division. Later, it was separated to be the computer service office and then it had modified the structures continuously until computer has the important play role in the organization in both aviation management, documentation management and many other aspects. It makes process within the organization having worked much easier. Later, there was merging computer service office and communication division to be Information and Communications Technology department in the present.

IT management model in the organization
The management of the organization is defined master plan to determine the direction how the organization will have the operation in every subject every department in the organization by establishing a master plan by each term of the master plan will have five-year by the plan that will be creating will cover since 2015 till 2019. The master plan is made for the management and there will be hiring a consultant helping to write the master plan in each time. The master plan is being considered to be a major change within the organization because previously the organization had used 2 systems which are MIS (Oracle) and SAP systems which this master plan was to have a total collapse or stop using one system in order to the same direction of working in the organization.

Policy, Scope & Investment in IT
Investment in the organization would be like the institution of government that going through the various committees both internal and external parties, for example; Ministry of Transport and investment that has a high cost investment that has a high cost will be passed to the Ministry and the Council for approval each project by investment has to be presented for approval from the Ministry and the Council in advance at least 2 years. Approval of each project will be a survey of the needs of each institution, each party that they needs what and how to fix the problem which between that year, there will be the budget supporting for the need to use system urgently, for example; Hat Yai Airport has requested the budget for the purchase of CCTV cameras to increase security at airports for passengers which in the requesting of more budgets has to have the reasons why have to request more. Why are not included in the master plan? In summary, there are all three budgets :

  1. Annual budget
  2. Additional budget
  3. Urgent budget

Characteristics of the IT systems used in the current organization

Systems that the organization is using are the complete system to buy all and in the present not yet developed the system to use by themselves which the system that was purchased will be introduced to improve adaptation to suit each department in the organization by IT will be who decide what is the Core of the organization and make it by themselves or which activities are high value but if which activities are low value or small and general then will hire outsource to do, such as installation of equipments etc.

IT Strategy in Organization
To approach strategy, it will follow the organization’s main strategy. Focusing on long-run goal and adjust IT Strategy to fit with main strategy.

The Role of IT
From the viewing of AOT, The investment of IT will return in decreasing of Time using in work process, complexity of work which will save a total cost as well.

Achievement level of the IT systems in your organization
The organization is not as successful as it should. It is considered, gradually learn and solve problems, including weaknesses that need to be revised, however. However, the organization will take into account the needs of users are not taking into account the needs of the organization itself, because the IT systems used in an organization is to allow each agency has to work that much easier. It is difficult to reduce workflow. Aromatherapy is another major factor which IT department recognizes the top. When taking into account the needs of the user, the system will be used. It is not that the system is used, but no use.

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