Interview CEO IT Service Provide Company DTC

Interview CEO IT Service Provide Company.
CEO Background
Biography: Mr. Thotspol Kunapermsiri
Education: Bachelors of Engineering, Mechanical Engineering; King Mongkut’s Institute of
Technology, North Bangkok, 1990.
- Founder ; Driver Testing Center Co., Ltd. Psychophysical test service provider
- Founder ; D.T.C. Enterprise Co., Ltd. GPS Tracking Devices, Solution and System
- Founder ; H.K.S. Thailand. Research and Development company who specialize
in Race Cars' Performance Parts & Components.
- 18 years experience in Security, Increasing Efficiency for vehicles’ management
by using GPS Tracking devices and softwares.

Vision :
Leadership systems and technologies for the management and tracking vehicles.
Mission and goal :

  1. Improving the quality and efficiency of personnel continuity
  2. Development of quality products.
  3. To expand the market for grow in the country and Asia.
  4. Develop service meet the standards and customers have maximum satisfaction.

Role in the use IT
There don't apply rules and regulations just simply closely monitor as we were small
company. However, as the company grow, IT becomes the key success factor in

  • Human Management such as time sheet and customers contacts.
  • Management evaluate staff performance and make decision based on KPI such as numbers of jobs expected to be closed,number of customer targeted to visit and punctual rate.
  • Management with information for decision making including staff and customers databases, competitors and inventory.

DTC adopted ERP (Focus One) for its IT department instead of Worksheet which enable
them to work more efficiently. Apart from IT department, ERP used to manage the customer
relation by using KPI to set a number of job to be complete and GPS used to track the work

The success way for Management and IT Using in Organization
In the past, strategy of company was training the new graduates to be the best operator.
But in the present, they choose the good experience person to add in organization for faster development of company. They select a lot of knowledge person to fulfill in some department that imperfect to reduce the time of training and continuous improvement of company. One strategy that company ever used was putting the DTC sticker onto the vehicle for increase customer confidence of transportation. It was be effective. When company develop to the big organization, they set the budget for advertisement ex. publish in magazine, post on facebook, social media , motor shoe, motor expo. In the future, they will on air on TV and TV direct. The most important things for management is knowing the chance, realize the rhythm of business administration. The most success CEO must be concern that when they can move fast or when they should be slow down.

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