Interview_CEO IT Service Provide company ยิปอินซอย

YIP IN TSOI – IT Service Provide
CEO Background
Name: Dr. Prasopchoke Pramongkit
Bachelor of Business Administration, Assumption University, 1998
Master of Science (Computer and Engineering Management), Assumption University, 1993
Master of Economic Chulalongkorn University, 1993
Doctor of Philosophy (Computer and Engineering Management), Assumption University, 1999

Work Experience:
1999 – Current: Head of Corporate Strategy Business Development, YIP IN TSOI GROUP

Vision and Company Core Value
We are committed to be the leading company with forefront technology, growth and sustainability by always professionally provide high value products and services to our customers and by being one step ahead of the competitors and changing trends.

Company Core Value
- Ethic
- Innovative
- Growth
- High Performance
- Teamwork

CEO Management

  1. Constantly adapting by expanding company business to other business all the time
  2. Look for new opportunities to growth further
  3. Give freedom to employee to work
  4. Use 4M principles comprising with 1. Money, 2. Machine 3. Man 4. Management. Added another M which is Management because each company need a good management system.
  5. Deployment of Knowledge management
  6. Hire extraordinary people who want to help build up the growth to join company professional team.
  7. Created oversea training program to encourage staff to become more competent in what they do and increase their knowledge and expose their ideas effectiveness to individual and organization.
  8. Change company competitor to become business partner

The role of IT in Organization

  1. Implemented Business Intelligence System for analyzing the sale report, use this information to make a decision and competitive advantage further.
  2. Employed Customer Relationship Management system (CRM) to learn about customer through transactional data or activities, identify the most valuable for customer and then develop retention strategies to attract and retain customer.
  3. Implemented CCTV system to help control easily in operation process, increase in more security in company’s asset and staff’s belonging
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